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Independent Advisory Group (IAG)

What does the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) do?

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is a strategic group that seeks to improve two way communications between Lincolnshire Police and the diverse communities of the County

As independent advisors and critical friends of the Police the Group offers advice on the impact of police activity across the County. IAG members help to resolve policing problems and advise on proposed operations while building public confidence, improving local policing performance and accountability.

While the IAG is frequently consulted before policing policies and procedures are implemented, its role is not one of scrutiny. What it aims to provide is a safeguard against those policies and procedures disadvantaging any section of the community through a lack of understanding, ignorance or mistaken belief.

The IAG provides a forum for an open dialogue between its members and the Force’s senior management team. Its ultimate aim is to contribute positively to the effectiveness of policing across the county and to increase the trust, confidence, respect and partnership which exists between the Force and the communities it serves.

Terms of Reference for the IAG can be found by following the link below:

View the Independent Advisory Group terms of reference

Who are the members?

The current members of the IAG are:

Read about each of the members in their biographies

How to contact the IAG

Please email IAG@lincs.pnn.police.uk

How you can join

If you are interested in joining the strategic group please contact Sgt Rob Gray on 01522 947399 or or email IAG@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Applications are especially welcome from members of minority or under-represented groups within the County of Lincolnshire.

View the Independent Advisory Group terms of reference

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