Strategic Equality and Diversity Board

The Strategic Equality and Diversity Board meets every 2 months.

Terms of reference

  • To set direction and ensure that Lincolnshire Police meets its statutory responsibilities under all The Equality Act 2010 and to monitor Lincolnshire Police’s response to this legislation
  • To provide governance and scrutiny of the strategic direction and impact of the Lincolnshire Police Equality and to shape the services Diversity Objectives
  • To support and advise on the implementation and progress of the Equality and Diversity Objectives with its associated actions and standards
  • To review and monitor delivery of the Equality and Diversity Objectives and to hold leaders to account for its progression
  • To consider and advise on the equality and diversity implications of major policy proposals and initiatives
  • To consider areas of equality and diversity where new or improved performance monitoring is required
  • To co-ordinate action on issues arising from relevant reviews e.g. Hidden in Plain Sight, HMIC Thematic etc
  • To identify risks and issues and ensure that these are acted upon
  • To act as a champion for diversity and equality issues within Lincolnshire Police and to provide support for those taking forward this agenda whilst acting to address organisational inhibitors
  • To engage internal and external stakeholders in shaping the agenda and provide an opportunity for challenge
  • Identifying and sharing best practice around equality and diversity across the service.

The Equality and Diversity Board is attended by the heads of all departments, HR representative, G4S representative, Corporate Communications Manager, Staff Association representatives this list is not exhaustive.

Overarching Objectives

  1. The organisation is committed to promoting equality and diversity of thought, approach and leadership styles, recognising that inclusion, culture and undisclosed or invisible diversity (such as class, politics, background, experiences) add to the wellbeing of the organisation and public         
  2. Protect, support and prevent crime against the most vulnerable in Lincolnshire
  3. Improve understanding of our community and treat everyone as an individuals and according to their needs
  4. Improve community relations by promoting understanding and encouraging reporting of hate and mate crimes and incidents.
  5. Work towards being a workforce which reflects the community and is an employer of choice

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