INCIDENT 153 of 21st APRIL –

 Emergency services were called to the A46 near the Thorpe on the Hill fly-over (south bound) just before 1050 on Easter Monday morning where it seems from a group of 9 motor cyclists, 3 have been involved in a collision, possibly with each other whilst all were overtaking a tractor which had been travelling in the nearside lane.  One of the motor cyclists was pronounced dead at the scene, he was a 53 yr old man from the Leicester area.  Two other motor cyclists were seriously injured and taken to hospital by air ambulance – they were a 54 yr old man and a 36 yr old man, both from the Leicester area.  The main A46 was closed from the time of the collision until about 1630 on Easter Monday.

This brings to three the number of people killed on Lincolnshire's roads during the Easter holiday weekend (see previous entries for further details). When names can be released from this incident and the other one near Alford on Good Friday afternoon, they will be issued from the HQ press office sometime on Tuesday. 

Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision or for anyone to contact them who was on the A46 prior to the collision and saw the group of motor cyclists or the tractor.  The number to call is 101 or the witness hotline on 01522 558855.  

 Please contact the HQ press office during Tuesday for the identification of the motor cyclist who was killed.

Updated: 21st April 2014 at 21:45