Heritage Crime Exhibition - Lincoln

Heritage crime artefact

Lincolnshire Police’s fight against heritage crime will be showcased at a county museum this month.

The Heritage Crime Exhibition will be held at The Collection in Danes Terrace, Lincoln, from Thursday October 11 to December 21.

The exhibition, which is designed to explore heritage crime issues and the way in which Lincolnshire Police tackles them, features a number of display cases and a talking heads video.

One of the display cases features items seized in Operation Totem, a joint-agency investigation to tackle illegal metal detecting in the county. Click here to read more…

PC Nick Hanson said: “Heritage crime is an issue in Lincolnshire and it is vital that we raise awareness. We do successfully investigate and prosecute in this area and we need to get this message across.

“The pictured artefact, a golden egg-shaped piece, is just one of man beautiful unique Lincolnshire finds that should be in a museum, not in a criminal’s private collection. The central band of decoration is virtually invisible to the human eye and it’s a wonderful example of the skill of those ancient artisans.

“We hope as many people as possible make it along to have a look at the work we are doing.”

Updated: 8th October 2012 at 13:55