Police Property Act Fund

About the Fund

The Police Property Act Fund is an account whereby allocations are received from the sale of recovered stolen goods or property that has been found.  If the owners of the property are not traceable then the goods are sold at auction.  The monies from the sale of goods are then redistributed by way of grants.

Application process

Applications can be made to the PPA fund at any time.  As the fund is dependant on property dispersal sales, this will affect the level on funds available at any point in the financial year.  Applications will only be accepted for projects that are being carried out within the Lincolnshire Police boundary.  National charities must be able to demonstrate that they have carried out work within Lincolnshire.

Priority will be given to applications that demonstrate the engagement of a local Police Officer/PCSO within the project.  Consideration will only be given to projects that specifically target crime reduction or community safety.  Charitable donations will no longer be considered, unless they address the effects of crime, abuse or anti-social behaviour.

The fund is a fluctuating balance depending on the level of sales being passed through auction.  This will therefore be a factor when accepting applications and Lincolnshire Police do not guarantee that the fund will be available at any particular time during a financial year.  It is anticipated that a majority of the grant allocations will be authorised between £20.00 and £500.00.  Should your project be for a higher sum, it might be prudent to contact The Community Safety Officer to check that funds are available before you submit your application.  Applications that simply apply for the maximum amount will not be supported.

Applications must be made on the appropriate application form, giving details of the project.  Further material can be supplied in support of the application.

In the first instance, The Community Safety Officer  will check the application.  All applications that pass this first stage will be passed on to a Senior Officer for approval.  Most applications will be approved within a 21-day period.  If successful, the applicant will be notified and asked to complete a donation acceptance form, together with bank details.  All payments will be made by BACS, unless overriding reasons are given.

Project ideas

Reduction of crime

Lincolnshire Police is constantly looking for new ideas for reducing crime in local neighbourhoods. (This may be educational visits to local schools to discuss knife crime, bullying, good citizenship or literature to advise of local crime incentives)

Reduction of anti social behaviour

This can be a diversionary/activity programme for local youth/children to divert them away from crime.  (Holiday schemes, day trips or reward days for completing community safety action days such as litter picking or graffiti removal)

Partnership working

Setting up local groups to address issues and formulate plans to over come problems.  Enabling two or more different groups to come together and engage with each other.  (Local school children working on a crime reduction project, or speaking to older members of the community on the subject of staying safe)

Consideration should be given to the following factors when applying for a grant:

  1. The donation must only be used for the purpose described in your application. Any surplus funds not required must be returned to Lincolnshire Police.
  2. This office must be informed when the project has been completed including details of any planned launch, opening etc.  ‘The Police Property Act Fund’ must also be credited as a contributor to the initiative on any publicity, press notices or reports that are produced.
  3. A full evaluation report must be submitted to this office within six months of the project being completed.  This must contain receipts for goods, materials and services spent on the project.
  4. If your scheme involves working with young children, your organisation must have a Child Protection Policy or Statement.
  5. Your organisation must be aware of Equal Opportunities; therefore, your initiative should be available to everyone without discrimination, unless this specifically targets a minority or disadvantaged group.
  6. Your organisation must be aware of all Health and Safety issues likely to impact on your initiative.
  7. Lincolnshire Police accepts no responsibility for the management, or administration of financial transactions, within the scope of your project.
  8. Your project must be within the Lincolnshire Police boundary.

What Next?

For more advice please contact:

Gill Finn
Community Safety Officer
Police Headquarters

Tel: 101
Email: gill.finn@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Updated: 15th May 2014 at 11:54
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