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Operation Brompton

Metal TheftOperation Brompton was launched in 2011 as an intelligence, prevention and enforcement strategy within Lincolnshire to tackle the challenging rise of metal theft locally, it started mainly in response to the rise of lead thefts from Churches but has grown to incorporate all theft county wide

Metal theft impacts on all aspects of the community, from crimes affecting individuals and communities through to its effect on national and global businesses e.g. power and transport providers. However, when crime prevention measures are used reductions in offences can be achieved.

Scrap Metal Dealers (SMD's) are a primary disposal market for stolen metals within the UK.

Aims of Operation BromptonOperation Brompton Icon

  • To reduce metal theft crime.
  • To develop a standard response to all incidents of metal theft throughout the county.
  • To identify arrest and prosecute offenders involved in metal theft
  • Reduce the opportunity for offenders to commit metal theft crime by target hardening and disrupting disposal routes
  • Ensure legislative compliance by Scrap Metal Dealers
  • Increase the intelligence picture in relation to metal theft

Latest News, Information and Advice

Updated: 15th May 2014 at 11:00
Op Brompton

Operation Brompton - Lincolnshire Police Metal Theft Initiative

Operation Brompton Update
Date Created: 3rd July 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014
Sally Picker and Steve Pulley

Tackling Catalytic Converter Thefts - Marking Kits

Officers will be handing out 500 catalytic converter marking kits around the county over the next couple of weeks.
Date Created: 24th May 2012  Last Updated: 15th May 2014
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East Midlands fights back against metal thieves in new film from Crimestoppers

Crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers has launched a film highlighting its determination to continue its work in tackling metal thieves in the East Midlands. The short film features interviews with people affected by metal theft, as well as representatives of Crimestoppers, who highlight the cost and inconvenience this crime creates for local people.
Date Created: 9th May 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014
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Excellent Results for Police Tackling Metal Thefts

On 22nd April, two men were arrested on suspicion of theft of lead from St Peter's Church in Saltfleetby. A member of the public reported the incident and officers detained two men aged 22yrs and recovered the stolen lead. Both men have been bailed pending further enquiries. The church has had the lead returned. Also on 22nd April, two men aged 31yrs and 35yrs were arrested on suspicion of burglary on Foss Bank Lincoln. On Friday 20th April, 27-year-old Leon Hutchinson from Grimsby was sentenced at Lincoln Crown Court to 9 months imprisonment for a series of metal thefts within the county and in north east Lincolnshire.
Date Created: 25th April 2012  Last Updated: 15th May 2014
Op Brompton

Protect your Catalytic Converter

Read our six steps that will help motorists to protect their vehicles against Catalytic Converter Theft
Date Created: 19th March 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014
Metal Theft

Metal Theft Week of Action

Metal Theft Week of Action - The results of the activities coordinated by the Lincolnshire Police in respect of the Week of Action have been published. They include 10 arrests, 142 vehicles had catalytic convertors marked, 60 vehicles stopped and searched in relation to the operation and 4 reported on summons for no waste carriers licence.
Date Created: 14th March 2012  Last Updated: 15th May 2014
Op Brompton

Protect your Church from Metal Theft

Security and Crime Reduction visits to churches and public buildings
Date Created: 29th February 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014
Op Brompton

Protect your Business from Metal Theft

If you are a business, there are a wide range of simple, low-cost measures that can be taken to reduce the risk of your business becoming a victim of metal theft.
Date Created: 29th February 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014
Op Brompton

Protect your Property from Metal Theft

We strongly recommend that you review the security of your property. Please consider the crime prevention advice in this section to protect your property against metal theft. Some of these security measures are low-cost options, while others involve using more high-tech solutions at a greater expense. Some security measures will be more appropriate than others for your property.
Date Created: 29th February 2012  Last Updated: 4th July 2014