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News Releases and Appeals

  • Police Tape

    Four people have been arrested in connection with the theft of three puppies that were reported stolen in a bu...

    Created: 28th August 2014
    Updated: 28th August 2014
  • Police Officer Badge

    Police are currently dealing with an incident in Coronation Close, Spalding.

    Created: 28th August 2014
    Updated: 28th August 2014
  • fire

    Police are appealing for information about a suspected arson in Utterby.

    Created: 28th August 2014
    Updated: 28th August 2014
  • Call 101 - in an emergency always dial 999

    Police are appealing for help and information after a series of shed break-ins at allotments on Clarence Stree...

    Created: 28th August 2014
    Updated: 28th August 2014

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Crime Prevention and Community Safety Advice

  • Help Yourself

    A month-long campaign aimed at raising awareness around insecurity burglaries

  • Hiding From Help

    A campaign highlighting to public the need to make their house names and numbers visible from the roadside.

  • Adult Abuse / Safeguarding

    Abuse can be a deliberate act or due to ignorance, as a result of lack of training, knowledge and understanding. Abusers can be anyone, including family or friends, paid or voluntary members of staff, or carers in any setting...

  • Child Abuse / Safeguarding

    It is a fact: children do get abused. That is something none of us want to see happen. 'Abuse' can take many forms. It can mean physical attack, sexual interference or mental harm. It can also be caused by neglect, in other ...

  • Caravan Crime

    If you own a caravan on the coast, or are considering purchasing one, there are some important security questions to consider and a few tips you should follow in order to make the day to day security of your pride and joy as ...